AIXM Management System

AIXM Viewer & Converter

You can easily convert your kml and shapefiles to xml formatted AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) data models and view them.

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ICAO, EuroControl and RTCA standards
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AIXM Converter

You can convert your AMDB, ASRN, eTOD files with .kml and .shp extensions to data in AIXM format with xml extension with one click. It automatically gives uuids to your files and also shows undefined errors in a detailed table, making it very easy to use.

Data structures and diagrams of RTCA DO-272(D), RTCA DO-291(C) standards are followed for AMDB, ASRN dataset, and data structures and diagrams of ,Eurocontrol>ICAO Annex15, ICAO PANSAIM, RTCA DO-276(C),Eurocontrol TOD Manual 3.0 standards are followed for eTOD dataset.

AIXM Viewer & Editor

We can view your AIXM format files in 3D on the map with one click. You can upload multiple files at the same time and instantly hide the files you want. In addition, you can view the metadata data in your files and see the information in the location you clicked in the form of a table.


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